Conjunto Escultórico "Caminos" / Set of sculptures "Roads" Route of Sculptures Pájara, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain 2007.

"Double White" Villa Manuela Gallery. IX Havana Biennial. Cuba. 2006

"Get down, get down" ARCO 2006 Madrid, Spain.

"Higher" IV Salón Nacional de Arte Cubano Contemporáneo. Havana, 2005.

"Pedestrian Sculpture" Museum of Fine Arts. Havana, Cuba. 2005

"Sense" Centro Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art, Havana. 2004

"With Open Eyes" Myto Gallery, Mexico City 2004.

"Vocation Apprentice" 23 y 12 Gallery , Havana, Cuba. 1998

"De Papel y Fango" / "Of Paper and Mud " (two-artist show). Castell dels Comtes de Queralt, Santa Coloma de Queralt, Catalonia, Spain. 2010.

Expo bipersonal con Marilú Martínez Ruiz (

"Crossing my safety" Development Center for the Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba. 2001

"House of Lights" Myto Gallery, Mexico City 2002

Paintings. Angel Romero Gallery , Madrid, Spain. 2004

"The use of children's images is purely symbolic, a recreation of game, attitudes or situations taken out of context, where the simple, spontaneous and sincere child world projects into the most complex human relations.

Parables arising in the child which provoke estrangement and curiosity at the same time. And their interpretations can be extrapolated to our own experience "

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